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Financial Management

Our Financial Management service offers a holistic, goals-based financial life management. It’s a long term relationship based effort to assist our clients in optimizing all of their available resources over time.

The Financial Management Process should follow after the Financial Plan has been created, approved and implemented. Ongoing Financial Management is a mechanism for monitoring and controlling the actual financial results against those that were originally intended, planned or budgeted for. Its important to formally track results over time, otherwise, it may become impossible to accurately manage goals and objectives in terms of time and budget.

We believe financial management is about being available to provide financial counsel throughout life. To listen to your concerns and, essentially, guide you on the right path. We add value throughout the course of time and life challenges with education and support.

Research has shown that the ongoing relationship with an advisor over the course of time through periodic meetings and carefully orchestrated financial adjustments not only provides peace of mind but also may add to net portfolio returns.

This is because as an advisor we have the ability and the time to evaluate your financial progress as well as changes in your financial condition due to changes in life and family circumstances which result in changes to income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The ongoing Management of your financial affairs allows you to periodically discuss your objectives and their relation to your financial ability and status. It can help you get through tough times and adjust to family and career changes.

Financial Management focuses on guidance, objective feedback, accountability and transparency of results. One of the biggest values an advisor can provide is behavioral coaching. This is most important during market turbulence and when you may feel the need to abandon your asset allocation and move to cash.

All of these factored together potentially add value to a clients’ net returns (returns after taxes and fees) over time.

Our Financial Management services aim to make efficient and effective use of all of our clients' resources, with the focus on the achievement of our clients' goals and objectives as cost effectively as possible.