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Will You Really Be Able to Work Longer?

You may assume you will. That assumption could be a retirement planning risk. How long do you think you will work? Are you one of those baby boomers (or Gen Xers) who believes he or she can work past... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Saving More Money, Now & Later

You could save today & tomorrow, often without that penny-pinching feeling. Directly & indirectly, you might be able to save more per month than you think. Hidden paths to greater savings can... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Why Retirees Need Good Credit Scores

Careers & businesses end, but the need to borrow remains. We spend much of our adult lives working, borrowing, and buying. A good credit score is our ally along the way. It retains its importance... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Beware of Emotions Affecting Your Money Decisions

Today’s impulsive moves could breed tomorrow’s regret When emotions and money intersect, the effects can be financially injurious. Emotions can cause us to overreact – or not act at all when we shoul... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The Real Cost of College

It may not be what you think. How much will your family end up paying for college? Your household’s income may have less influence than you think – and some private colleges may be cheaper than you ... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

How Will You Spend Your Retirement Savings?

Keep an eye on where it goes, as some destinations may be better than others. You can probably envision how most of your retirement money will be spent. Much of it will be used on living expenses, he... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The Importance of Financial Literacy

Too few Americans understand personal finance fundamentals. If only money came with instructions. If it did, the route toward wealth would be clear and direct. Unfortunately, many people have inadequ... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

What Are Your Odds of Being Audited?

They are low, unless you show the I.R.S. some conspicuous “red flags” on your return. Fewer than 1% of Americans have their federal taxes audited. The percentage has declined recently due... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Key Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Too many people make these common errors. Many affluent professionals and business owners put estate planning on hold. Only the courts and lawyers stand to benefit from their procrastination. While i... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The 60-Day IRA Rollover Rule

Will it apply to your retirement savings distribution? If you receive a distribution from your IRA or workplace retirement plan, what will you do with it? You will probably want to arrange an IRA rol... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

When Someone Dies Without a Will

Where do things proceed from that point? Every day, people die intestate. In legalese, that means without a will. This opens the door for the courts to decide what happens with their estates. When n... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Managing Money Well as a Couple

What are the keys in planning to grow wealthy together? When you marry or simply share a household with someone, your financial life changes – and your approach to managing your money may chang... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Active & Passive Investment Management

What do each of these terms really mean? Investment management can be active or passive. Sometimes, that simple, fundamental choice can make a difference in portfolio performance. During a particula... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Worried About What Might Happen to Bonds?

If you plan to hold yours to maturity, the fluctuation in their market values need not be worrisome. Are tough times ahead for the bond market? Some investors think so. U.S. monetary policy is tighte... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The Cross-Purchase Buy-Sell Agreement

A plan for sustaining the business you have built after your death. Business owners are builders. They spend their lives building firms to provide goods and services to their clients, and those firms... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Could You Create Your Own Pension Plan?

SBOs are taking a new look at old-school defined benefit plans. Contrary to popular belief, classic pension plans have not disappeared. Corporations have mostly jettisoned them, but highly profitable... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Saving $1 Million for Retirement

How can you plan to do it? What kind of financial commitment will it take? How many of us will retire with $1 million or more in savings? More of us ought to – in fact, more of us may need to, ... read more..

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