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Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Is a SIMPLE IRA Right for Your Business?

A look at this easy-to-administer retirement program. Do you want a simple retirement plan? A plan you can implement easily as an independent contractor or small business owner, without a lot of pape... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
Chris Tobey

Mind Over Money

Emotion often drives our financial decisions, even when logic should. When we go to the grocery store, we seldom shop on logic alone. We may not even buy on price. We buy one type of yogurt over anot... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Mortgage Rates May Stay Low for a Long Time

Why aren’t they rising? Are they the new normal? In November 2012, the interest rate on a 30-year home loan averaged just 3.31%. That was an all-time low. Simultaneously, the 15-year fixed-rate... read more..

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