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Why It Might Be Time for the Fed to Raise Rates

In doing so, the central bank would cast a vote of confidence in the economy. Will the Federal Reserve make a move in December? As our central bank has avoided tightening U.S. monetary policy for read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

TOD or Living Trust?

A look at two basic methods for shielding assets from probate. How do you keep assets out of probate? If that estate planning question is on your mind, you should know that there are two basic wa read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Dealing With Sudden Retirement

How ready are you? What if you are laid off or forced into retirement before 65, or even before 60? If that happens to you, what do you do in response now that the next phase of your life is starting... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Keeping All This Volatility in Perspective

These recent ups & downs are reminiscent of past Wall Street swings. Fall might be anything but calm on Wall Street. Volatility is back, in a big way: the CBOE VIX has risen more than 105% since ... read more..

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Saving Early & Letting Time Work for You

The earlier you start pursuing financial goals, the better your outcome may be.    As a young investor, you have a powerful ally on your side: time. When you start saving and investing for retir read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Teaching Your Heirs to Value Your Wealth

Values can help determine goals & a clear purpose. Some millionaires are reluctant to talk to their kids about family wealth. Perhaps they are afraid what their heirs may do with it. In a 20 read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Is America Prepared to Retire?

Two-thirds of us have no financial plan. Only 48% of Americans say they think they are saving enough. And 30% feel that they are not even slightly confident that they are saving enough for retire read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Behind on Your Retirement Savings?

What steps could you take to catch up? If life has not allowed you to build substantial retirement savings, what can you do to improve your retirement prospects? Here are some suggestions. Play read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Are Your Kids Delaying Your Retirement?

Some baby boomers are supporting their “boomerang” children. Are you providing some financial support to your adult children? Has that hurt your retirement prospects? It seems that the wealthie read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Special Needs Trusts

Estate planning vehicles created with disabled heirs in mind. If you have a child with special needs, you face long-run financial demands that cannot be fully met through federal and state assist read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The Psychology of Saving

How many households have the right outlook to build wealth?   Why do some households save more than others? Building household savings may depend not only on cash flow, but also on psychology. read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Why Well-Diversified Portfolios Have Lagged the S&P

Some investors have seen minimal returns compared to the benchmark.  Diversification is essential, yet it comes with trade-offs. Investors are repeatedly urged to allocate portfolio assets acros read more..

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Rehearsing for Retirement

Try living as a “retiree” for a month or two before you commit to leaving your career. Imagine if you could preview your retirement in advance. In a sense, you can. Financially and mentally, you read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Why use a Backdoor Roth IRA

Are you interested in reducing your taxes as much as possible? Does your current income make you ineligible to contribute to a Roth IRA this year? (if you’re a married couple, you’re ineligible i read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Getting Your Household Cash Flow Back Under Control

Developing a better budgeting process may be the biggest step toward that goal. Where does your money go? If you find yourself asking that question from time to time, it may relate to cash flow read more..

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