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The Perils of Chasing High Yield

This month, we take a break from our discussion of more general financial topics to cover a more “technical” investment strategy currently in favor among some money managers and DIY investors: ch read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Practical Tips for Year-End Charitable Giving

Happy Holidays! Whether you’re trimming the tree, lighting the menorah, or still trying to recycle Thanksgiving leftovers into new recipes, we at Atlantic Capital Management wish you happiness and read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Federal Tax Law and Same-Sex Marriage

This past summer, the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department announced that couples married in jurisdictions that legally recognize same-sex unions will, commencing with the 2013 tax read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Financial Planning for College

As summer comes to a close it can only mean one thing: hundreds of thousands of college students from all over the nation and the world will be returning to the Commonwealth to pursue some fo read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Financial Security for Longer Life Expectancy

These days, Americans are living longer, healthier and more productive lives. Thanks primarily to advances in medicine, healthcare, and overall quality of life, average life expectancy has risen read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The Basics of Life Insurance

Once you understand where you are financially (see my last two articles on Net Worth and Cash Flow), you should consider protecting your family. Purchasing life insurance is a solid financial deci read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

“Rightsizing” the DIY Portfolio

You’re probably familiar with the term “rightsizing” from its common use in corporate America, where it usually describes a situation in which an organization makes changes to the corporate st read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Research Strategies for DIY Investing

If you’ve spent any time searching for financial advice online, you’re surely aware that the Internet is replete with Squawkers, talkers, gawkers, and hawkers. From big-company websites to late-ni read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Risk Tolerance for DIY Investors

“Only a very brave mouse makes a nest in a cat’s ear.” -- Danish proverb The concept of risk tolerance, while fairly simple for most folks to grasp, is nonetheless a core foundational concept in read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

The 4 “Rs” of Low-Risk Investing

Last month I talked about assessing your need for life insurance to protect your family. This month I want to examine the basic elements of investing. Despite how the “big guys” of financial serv read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Why Is It Wise to Diversify?

A varied portfolio is a hallmark of a savvy investor. You may be amused by the efforts of some of your friends and neighbors as they try to “chase the return” in the stock market. We all seem to kn... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management

Financial Independence at Risk

A recent and disturbing finding from the AARP Public Policy Institute’s year-long “Middle Class Security Project” is that unless we are able to reverse the trends that threaten the middle class, many ... read more..

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